Start Naming Names #minimix#1

Vodpod videos no longer available.

01. Xploding Plastix – Sports, Not Heavy Crime [Norway]

LP: Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents (2001), Beatservice Records | LFM

02. Mauna Kea – Gaia [Turkey]

Unreleased. First EP is to be released soon | OFF | FB

03. The British Expeditionary Force – Cogs And Chemicals [UK]

LP: Chapter Two: Konstellation Neu (2012), Erased Tapes | OFF | FB

04. Cloud Nothings – Wasted Days [USA]

LP: Attack on Memory (2012),  Carpark Records | FB

05. John Cale – Pile a L’heure [Whales]

EP: Extra Playful (2011), Doublesix RecordsOFF

06. Lee Burton – Recover [Greece]

LP: Busy Days for Fools (2012), Klik RecordsOFF|SC

07. On Your Horizon – Back and Forth… Back and Forth [Turkey]

EP: On Your Horizon (2009), Self Release, Free DownloadBC

08. Oracles Always Lie – Birds Were Following Him [Turkey]

LP: When All Guides Disappear (2009), Self Release / SerbestMS

09. Lyr – Astronaut Down [Greece]

LP: Lyr (2012), From A Tree RecordsOFF

10. No Haya Banda – A Giant [Greece]

LP:Dead, Bound and Wrapped in Plastic (2011), Self Release, Noteale RecordsOFF



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